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As you might already know, babies grow so quickly!

After just a few months you forget how little they were.

Capturing this moment creates a long lasting memory you can always go back to when they’re giving you a hard time as teenagers!

Also, children love to see pictures of themselves as babies and listening to stories of what they did when they were that small.

From newborn sessions to “sitters” sessions, we offer a range of sets for your baby.

These sessions generally take place indoors and mum/dad are key to a successful shoot.

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Messy Play

Are you like me and have a tonne of pictures of your family stacked on your phone? Well, let me tell you, you’re likely to lose them. Or, if you don’t procrastinate maybe you’ll send a few to print only to realise that… they’re blurry! Or they really don’t look all that good on your wall.


Messy play is a series of sessions where children get dirty while playing, creating a set of photographs where children are captured by the instant they are living in, creating a range of pictures full of emotion – just like you know them!

You may also add a short video to this session.

These are sessions intended mainly for children, but anyone
can join in!

Messy play sessions capture your children while they’re engaged in an activity, so there is no posing involved. It is also great fun.

These sessions are unique as we plan each one individually, taking into account the child’s preferences.

These pictures are great to give out to your family for birthdays or Christmas.

We have many different types of messy play, Book a call as soon as possible to get the ball rolling.

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Family Sessions

There is a growing trend of family psychologists who insist that taking pictures where parents are in them is an important part of creating a family feeling.

With increased working hours and so much social interaction, it is as important as it ever has been to have something to tell you that you are a family and that you have a family life. These are great pictures to frame and look back to.

We have several types of family sessions, which take place in
various environments.


The whole family engages in several activities outdoors.

“A day in the life of..” sessions are shot on location and capture your activities over the course of a day.

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Weddings & Events


Our pictures and videos of weddings and family events seek to capture emotions and moments rather than document your day in a conventional way.

The pictures and video you take home will throw you back to that moment and what you felt.

“There is one thing the photograph must contain, the humanity of the moment.”
— Robert Frank

Weddings & Events

We are not too worried about taking beautifully framed pictures, as beauty comes from creating meaningful pictures which are full of life.

That is why we want to know you personally and know all the details of the event before the big day.

Get in touch with us to book a day and start working towards creating your perfect memories.