Family Wall

Family Wall

One of the things I regularly chat about with my clients is whether they want wall art or not. All my packages include prints because the reason I even do family photography is to create longlasting memories, and I know that having your pictures stuck somewhere you don’t even own (the cloud, social media etc) is just not enough. The best way to achieve this is by having wall art. And the best way to display it is with a Family Wall. Let me tell you some reasons why: 


Sense of belonging

When my parents were redesigning their living room, they took down all the pictures for a while. When my daughter walked in she was in shock not to see her photo where it has always been, and where she was expecting it to be. 

She had (and still has, as the picture was promptly put back) a place of honour at her grandparent’s home and that is where she wanted to be. She knew she belonged there and having her picture displayed reinforced that feeling. 

Having a family walk reinforces a sense of belonging to anyone featured in it. It is a way of telling everyone who’s watching who your tribe is. 


  1. Personalized home

Having a family wall by definition will make your home unique. Your house might be like your neighbour’s, your furniture is likely to be from a shop that makes several hundreds or several thousands of the same piece. But your family is yours and yours only. No one else has your family, so displaying your pictures on your walls will make your home unique. 


3 – Feel the love. 

The pictures that you treasure are those that either remind you of an event or milestone, such as  wedding pictures, or pictures that remind you of your loved ones and how they are/were. For example, I love seeing my daughter’s cheeky smile from a shoot when she was two and painted herself, or the look of surprise when she could just dig her foot into a cake during a cake smash we did when she turned one.

All of these pictures lead to one feeling; love! Having these pictures surrounding you make you feel loved and brightens the heart. And even if you forget they’re there with the hustle and bustle of daily life, there will always be someone who walks into your house and admires your photos, triggering that warm feeling again. 


And an extra reason: they are pretty!! Honestly, there are so many ways you can go about setting your family wall that will enhance what you already have! 


These are just a few reasons that are important to me, but you might have others. Let me know!