Documenting Lockdown Documenting Lockdown in the UK

Documenting Lockdown

One of the main reasons why I became a photographer is because I learnt a lesson: if you don’t take your chance to document a moment in time, that chance is lost forever. Time doesn’t come back and you won’t be able to document it later on. Being able to go back to an image is very powerful. 


We are living a historical moment that we will never forget. We will be telling our children and grandchildren about the time we were fighting an invisible enemy, and that to fight it, some of us needed to stay at home. Schools were cancelled, any work that was non-essential was cancelled or done from home. Parents became teachers and roommates became family. The trenches were hospitals and our pillars were workers in the food supply chain. We were using war language but staying at home, safe. 


To accompany those tales, I hope we can also show some pictures. This is why I am documenting this situation at a smaller scale; neighbourhoods and families. How are we coping? What changes have we made? I want to document how we’re living right now and the responses to the crisis around me.


Lockdown in the UK

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