This is my only family portrait. Mum, dad and daughter. My partner and I were not only a couple, we were also partners in business as we ran a production company. We were filmmakers and made a living around cameras, but when we were blessed with our little one, life became almost overwhelming and we never took any pictures of ourselves as a family. It was not even something we thought of.

Unfortunately, a couple of months after this picture was taken, my partner and father of my child passed away.

I am ever so thankful for my friend who took this picture even though I look tired, we were not ready for the picture and I had still not dropped weight after the pregnancy. In hindsight, none of that matters.  My daughter cherishes this picture and loves seeing it. It is also a testament to us being a “regular” family at some point.

After some time, I decided to properly invest in capturing moments such as this one, with the idea that nothing lasts forever but our memories, and pictures help create and establish those memories.

It is now my mission to make sure you also capture those instants in life. Time is a tyranny and spares no one. Don’t miss your moment and invest in your own pictures.